The B Word

This is the beginning of a chapter. My story. My journey with The B Word. Brokenness. It is only through Brokenness that we discover healing.

Chapter 1: Victoria

Hello Beloveds, Today we are joined by Victoria and her journey through brokenness to healing. Her story is powerful, her story is real, and we are forever grateful to her for sharing it with us. 

Prologue - Answering The Call

There comes a time in our lives where we can no longer deny "The Call". We must face it. We must struggle with it. We must accept it. We must live it. Our calling is ours and ours alone but we walk in it together. In community. 

The Preface - A Letter to My Sisters

Hello Beloved Sisters, It's Marcia and I want to officially welcome you to the Real Sisters REEL Talk Podcast. We are live! Tune in to this first episode to hear how this started and a letter I wrote to myself that explains it all.