Black Women Rising is a grassroots organization that centers the voices of black women on issues of reproductive health, rights and justice, healthcare, environmental racism, climate change, and trauma. We are dedicated to building collective power with black women, faith leaders, and community members in order to advance policies that address gender, economic and racial inequities and be responsive to trauma and healing for black women.

Black Women Rising has three goals:

Goal 1: To drive a collective narrative to dismantle structural, institutional, spiritual and political hegemony which has resulted in oppression, spiritual repression, body politics, poor health outcomes, racial, economic and gender inequities and transgenerational trauma.

Goal 2: To amplify the voices of black women validating ourselves as thinkers, fighters, strategists, influencers, power brokers and owners of our stories and narrative.

Goal 3: Advance the leadership of black women socially, economically, spiritually, and politically to dismantle the personal and communal effects of patriarchy, oppression, misogyny, and white supremacy that continues to perpetuate inequality, harm and trauma.