Black Women Rising is a black female led multi-issue organization that connects the voices of black women, women of color, Clergy and faith leaders to build power and win campaigns on issues of healthcare, repro-liberation, racial and economic justice, violence against women, harm reduction and trauma within our community. Black Women Rising will be the catalyst for a more inclusive table where women’s voices are valued.


Teaching is the first step in the process of healing. Women are invited to participate in diverse workshops to help them learn about trauma, trauma triggers and how these triggers show up in their lives.


Training is the second pillar that creates points of access to inquiry. This is a hands-on process where women put what they have learned into a deeper practice individually and collectively.


Transforming are the outcomes small or large that help women to identify change within their lives.


The “B” Word – Brokenness The “B” word is a word that we often do not want or know how to embrace. We feel it often in our lives. It is associated with our

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