Wailing Women in the Word

Direct Dial In

This is a weekly dial -in women’s bible study held on Tuesday from 6 to 7 p.m. helping to steward women through their spiritual trauma and abuse for their healing and transformation. Women learn about other women in the Bible and learn to see them in the context of today and within their lives.

Harm Reduction and the State of Black Women’s Lives


The current times of the COVID-19 pandemic shows that reducing harms to Black communities is more than drug policy reform and it necessitates a movement that includes faith and community leaders and directly impacted people who work at the intersections of health care, mass incarceration, child welfare, and environmental injustice to analyze and determine how to mitigate the hurt, harm, oppression, and trauma that continues to be imposed on Black women and girls in the United States.

Sister Talk Coffee & Conversation


This is a weekly virtual dialogue held on Thursday evenings with black women from 6 to 7 30 p.m. to gather in a safe space to drop the cares of their day by engaging in organic conversations with one another to build a sisterhood to water our feminine souls.

Sankofa Table Talk – Leave No Sister Behind


In this monthly virtual workshop and dialogue women are invited into a safe healing space to move through individual and collective trauma, grief, and anger which continues to impact the black woman’s identity, body, mind and soul. Through a series of practices women will acquire a set of tools to steward their individual and collective transformation. By embracing the true meaning of Sankofa, black women will live out the imperative to reach back for what and who is at risk of being left behind to dismantle transgenerational trauma, grief, soul and womb wounding.